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What is
Young People Involved?

If you’re a young adult, aged 14-19, who needs support and guidance, then Young People Involved are there for you. Being a teenager can be a difficult time as you face a number of different pressures. Some of these pressures arise because of school, some from family and some from external situations. You may also find yourself struggling with how you feel and need some advice on how to navigate these feelings. This can result in desperately needing to talk to someone. Sometimes it can be difficult to confide in people you already know. Which is why getting in touch with Young People Involved can be an effective solution for you.


We help teenagers by encouraging them to talk through their issues, while offering practical support to help you tackle your problems. Without making you feel judged, we listen very carefully to what you have to say. This is to ensure that our support is tailored to what’s troubling you. We also specialise in helping young adults develop life skills that will best serve them later in life. We’ll develop your independence skills, so that you feel equipped and confident to tackle adolescence and adulthood. With regards to growing up, we know how intimidating and overwhelming life can be. Which is why Young People Involved are focused on supporting and uplifting you during this difficult period.


Despite what you may think or feel, you are not alone. We provide a safe environment for young adults to express their concerns. Most importantly, we provide advice that aims to make a positive difference in your life. Young People Involved was established by the community of South West London, and designed to serve the community of South West London. We offer our support in a number of ways, such as Get2Knows or group sessions, that are designed to make you feel safe and welcomed.

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Support Services

We offer a number of services that are tailored to help young adults be the best versions of themselves.

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Group Therapy

Educational seminars and workshops

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Mentoring, coaching and guidance

Group Discussion
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Opening hours:
Monday - Friday 
11am to 1pm

Young Female advice: 07506 644167


Young Male advice: 07506 643084

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Areas we cover include :

Richmond upon Thames 

And the rest of South West London.