Our support services for young people

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From Get2Knows to group activities, we always listen.

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Outside the School

At Young People Involved, in Croydon, one of our biggest strengths is our kindness, because every encounter and every workshop, is done with love and care. We’re welcoming of all backgrounds and always encourage our young adults to be true to themselves. Listening is essential at Young People Involved because we respect you and respect all that you have to say. Most of all, we celebrate every form of progress that you make. The support we offer comes in many different forms, as we tailor it to the individual. So it may just mean having a reassuring conversation with you or just providing the knowledge that they are not alone.

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Our 1-1 sessions are designed to encourage young people to make positive choices in their lives.  The format of these sessions allows a strong focus on the individual, meaning more care and attention can be placed on how we can help you. These sessions are a great opportunity to fully express yourself, especially if group settings are hard to handle. We’ll take our time to get to the root of your issue, so that a practical and effective solution can be made. Everything in life can change very quickly, so for us, it’s important that you know that they can use our services at any given moment.

Support Group

Educational seminars and workshops

In addition to our Get2Knows, we also offer specialised group sessions that are designed to educate you and inform you. While school can be a great place to learn academia, Young People Involved, are able to teach you life skills that may not be covered in your school curriculum.

We offer a useful workshop called “The power in being a male or female”. This workshop is a chance to discover the power you have within. So that you may positively change your life and the lives of your community.

For those of you who are perhaps struggling with your mental health, we offer “Understanding and coping with mental well-being”. Sometimes processing everything that life throws at you can be a difficult task. Which is why, learning  the right tools, and using them correctly, can be a great way to combat your struggles.

The final workshop that we offer is aimed at encouraging aspirations and independent thought. During adolescence and young adulthood, it’s important to set goals and to be able to think for yourself. At these workshops, we’ll teach you how to craft a future that is best suited to you. 

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Mentoring, coaching and guidance

The support that we are able to offer you, at Young People Involved, is determined by you. It can be a single, one off session or it can be an ongoing schedule of support sessions that are tailored to your needs. The decision is yours.

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